Market Research

Market research is valuable for your business

Market research and the translation of this information into market intelligence is one of our key strengths. Everybody can do market research (to some degree) but the interpretation of data and the ability to formulate clear plans makes market research valuable for your business. With a deep understanding of most B2B markets we can quickly add value to your business. Whether you are launching a new product, entering a new market, diversifying, want to get ahead of the competition or if you are applying for finance (whether grants, loans or equity investment) we can help you with the right level of market intelligence to help you achieve your goals. 


“You don’t know what you don’t know”

Working with us is easy. It all starts with an exploratory meeting in which we guide you through a series of questions about your business to determine the support required. This very often is an eye opener for our clients in itself as it helps them better understand their needs. Following this meeting, Techmark will undertake some preliminary research and provide a detailed market research proposal. The reason for undertaking preliminary research is to double check do-ability of the research and objectives and to ensure our proposal doesn’t miss a critical component. Of course the preliminary research and proposal are provided for free.


Generic vs specific market research

Most of the clients we work with have specific market research requirements that require gathering of primary data. Second hand information from providers of generic market research reports very often do not provide enough information to make informed investment decisions and provide little relevant information for small businesses in particular for new developments or when addressing niche markets.


Blended market research is the answer

We have developed a blended market research approach that combines secondary data with primary data. Secondary data usually forms the starting point for further investigation and for the gathering of  primary data. It is like doing online shopping. If you see a product online that you like you view pictures and read descriptions. However there are never enough pictures and descriptions can be misleading or omitting critical information that you were looking for. What do you do next? You can ask the manufacturer or retailer for this specific piece of information or you buy the product and hope for the best. Chances are that if you do not verify certain features that you end up with a product that is not fit for (your) purpose. In this case you can send the product back and the damage is small. If you rely on secondary information for your business, or your gut instinct, and you get it wrong the damage can be more severe.


Making a positive impact

This is not to say that our services exist to just prevent you from damage. On the contrary, it is about having a positive impact, such as helping you identify and access new markets, win new business, be successful with funding applications or improve your products/services to meet market demand.

Below is an indicative list of the kind of services we are offering:

  • Market appraisal and market analysis
  • Customer/market survey
  • Competition benchmarking
  • Product appraisal
  • Market sector analysis
  • Routes to market research
  • Voice of customer research
  • Strategy development

Market Research

We have specialist market sector expertise and use primary and secondary market research techniques to analyse market size, competitive situation, market opportunities, customer feedback, and potential target markets and customers.

Market Development

Identification of potential customer groups and development of marketing and sales processes to help you access selected target markets. We have a great track record in helping companies reach new markets.

International Marketing

Providing market analysis and market development services for foreign-owned companies wishing to access the UK market. Helping UK companies access English and German speaking markets overseas

Market Experts

Techmark’s market sector expertise is second to none. Over 800 projects covering technology, innovation and knowledge based markets have given us a very good understanding of the in’s and out’s in numerous market sectors, technology fields and applications. 

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"Working with Techmark was a great pleasure. Techmark pointed Botek in the right strategic direction for our UK market entry. They are very capable of understanding market opportunities and the complexity of entering a new market with a high tech solution and bringing this to the point after a sound analysis. As consultants they deliver more than you as a high demanding customer can expect. I highly appreciated and can strongly recommend Techmark's services. Anders A., Export Sales Director, Botek "

"Techmark really helped our growing technology business, helping us access markets effectively. They have also co-authored grant funding applications for us which were all successful. We are now in a much stronger position than we were before we started working with Techmark. Pete J., Director, Lyra Electronics "

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Latest News & Information

The University of Warwick Science Park is using its experience and expertise in developing clusters to boost the industry, which hasn’t developed in the way many had predicted. Investment in electric vehicle technology has not been matched by demand for electric vehicles.

The Science Park’s Techmark team has identified several opportunities for electric vehicle systems which don’t have the development costs of current electric vehicles and should offer significant early sales.

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