Market Experts

Techmark’s market sector expertise is second to none. Over 800 projects covering technology, innovation and knowledge based business-to-business markets have given us a very good understanding of the in’s and out’s of numerous market sectors, technology fields and applications. It doesn’t matter if you are a product or service company as we have extensive background in supporting both.


Market and Technical Expertise

You will find that if we haven’t already directly dealt with your market sector, we will at least have dealt with your target markets. This ensures you get maximum benefit from working with us. This also holds true if you are looking for a supplier that quickly grasps your business/technology/application and its future potential.

The list of market sectors we have researched and developed is long and varied. Below is a quick snapshot of some of those markets:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Medical devices
  • Digital technology/Software
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • New emerging high tech markets
  • Process technologies
  • Agricultural
  • Low carbon/green energy
  • Other knowledge based or innovation led markets


Our main interest lies in your success. In the unlikely event that we are not the right people for the assignment we will say so, to avoid future disappointment. If necessary we undertake initial work for free to check if we have the right expertise, resources and contacts.

Market Research

We have specialist market sector expertise and use primary and secondary market research techniques to analyse market size, competitive situation, market opportunities, customer feedback, and potential target markets and customers.

Market Development

Identification of potential customer groups and development of marketing and sales processes to help you access selected target markets. We have a great track record in helping companies reach new markets.

International Marketing

Providing market analysis and market development services for foreign-owned companies wishing to access the UK market. Helping UK companies access English and German speaking markets overseas

Latest News & Information

The University of Warwick Science Park is using its experience and expertise in developing clusters to boost the industry, which hasn’t developed in the way many had predicted. Investment in electric vehicle technology has not been matched by demand for electric vehicles.

The Science Park’s Techmark team has identified several opportunities for electric vehicle systems which don’t have the development costs of current electric vehicles and should offer significant early sales.

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