International Marketing

We have a long history of undertaking international assignments both inbound to the UK and outbound from the UK. We are founding members of the Bridge to Growth Initiative and the UK Market Access Program which offers practical help to foreign-owned companies wishing to enter the UK market.

We have also run a number of government supported export marketing programmes such as the SME Export Initiative or the Growing Success Programme (UKTI), helping UK companies export to a variety of different overseas countries. This blend of market sector expertise and the delivery of hundreds of successful projects, make us the best choice for your internationalisation project.


UK Market Access Services

Techmark has expertise from working with over 100 foreign-owned companies to help them access the UK market. Techmark has worked with companies from all around the globe, from the United States to Australia, from Scandinavia to Germany to France to Benelux and India. We are very familiar with the mechanics of many foreign markets and their differences with the UK market. When entering a new market and especially a competitive market like the UK it is important to understand current market dynamics and to concentrate on the products/services that give you a competitive edge. 


Export Market Research and Market Development Services

Techmark has assisted 100+ companies to help them access German and English speaking markets abroad. The services we offer evolve around identifying market opportunities, competitive situation and how to access particular markets. You might be asking yourself: Should I be selling directly or via a distributor? Is there demand for my products/services and if so how big is it? Are there particular opportunities I should be paying attention to? How do I promote my company?

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Market Research

We have specialist market sector expertise and use primary and secondary market research techniques to analyse market size, competitive situation, market opportunities, customer feedback, and potential target markets and customers.

Market Development

Identification of potential customer groups and development of marketing and sales processes to help you access selected target markets. We have a great track record in helping companies reach new markets.

International Marketing

Providing market analysis and market development services for foreign-owned companies wishing to access the UK market. Helping UK companies access English and German speaking markets overseas

Market Experts

Techmark’s market sector expertise is second to none. Over 800 projects covering technology, innovation and knowledge based markets have given us a very good understanding of the in’s and out’s in numerous market sectors, technology fields and applications. 

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"Working with Techmark was a great pleasure. Techmark pointed Botek in the right strategic direction for our UK market entry. They are very capable of understanding market opportunities and the complexity of entering a new market with a high tech solution and bringing this to the point after a sound analysis. As consultants they deliver more than you as a high demanding customer can expect. I highly appreciated and can strongly recommend Techmark's services. Anders A., Export Sales Director, Botek "

"Techmark really helped our growing technology business, helping us access markets effectively. They have also co-authored grant funding applications for us which were all successful. We are now in a much stronger position than we were before we started working with Techmark. Pete J., Director, Lyra Electronics "

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Latest News & Information

The University of Warwick Science Park is using its experience and expertise in developing clusters to boost the industry, which hasn’t developed in the way many had predicted. Investment in electric vehicle technology has not been matched by demand for electric vehicles.

The Science Park’s Techmark team has identified several opportunities for electric vehicle systems which don’t have the development costs of current electric vehicles and should offer significant early sales.

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